Dig into encouraging stories from FoodCorps’ sixth program year.

Spotlight on Service

See firsthand what national service looks like in Flint, Michigan, with a spotlight on FoodCorps alumna and Flint native LaBria Lane.

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Creating Tools for Change

Sprout Scouts is FoodCorps’ signature after-school learning program. A series of adventures give kids the skills and confidence to grow their own food and make nutritious meals they’ll love. Learn how Sprout Scouts helped one service member get her whole school on board with healthy food education.

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Stepping Up for Healthy Meals

FoodCorps spoke out against the USDA’s relaxing of school nutrition guidelines earlier this year. “We don’t water down academic standards because some schools have difficulty meeting them,” Curt Ellis, FoodCorps co-founder and CEO, said. “Why should we do that with nutrition standards?”

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