6 Values FoodCorps Holds to its Core

These core values guide every aspect of FoodCorps’ work. They inform our hiring and workplace culture, shape the partnerships and collaborations we develop, and hone the decisions we make. They drive what we seek to achieve and how we measure success. Whoever you are and however you engage with us—as a child, a service member, a partner, a colleague, a funder, a policymaker, or a stakeholder in the communities we serve—these are qualities you will see us embody and uphold.

These six core values reflect the vision that FoodCorps’ six co-founders shared as they launched the organization. They have been informed, validated and reinforced by feedback we have gleaned from service members, site partners, and key stakeholders. These values illuminate foundational beliefs that have steered our organization from the very start, and they will continue to ground us for as long as FoodCorps exists.

Every year since we started, we have asked incoming corps members to articulate an “I believe” statement that captures why they decided to join FoodCorps, and what they hope to accomplish. As an organization, these are the things that we believe:


1. We are committed to building a solution that matches the vast scale of the problem, and to approaching and evaluating our work with a rigor that makes our ambitious vision a reality.

2. Ensuring that all our nation’s children have the chance to eat healthy food requires us to embrace working across individual, cultural and political differences.

Board_Rope_63. We invest in people who model practical and humble leadership, give them exceptional training and experiences, and connect them to each other, cultivating social capital at every level.

Board_Rope_14. So the food we serve is truly nourishing, we strive for it to be good for the people who grow, harvest, prepare and eat it, and for the lands and waters where it is produced.

5. We celebrate curiosity and innovation, and seek to improve, adapt and evolve our approach in order to hone our program, strengthen our impact, and build a better FoodCorps.

Board_Rope_26. To achieve our mission, we must foster diversity and set patterns of equity in both our end goal and the road we take to get there. (Read about our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.)