A Day in the Life

Simon Mendes, Former FoodCorps service member in Molokai, HI

Here’s a sample of a day in the life of a FoodCorps service member, written by Simon Mendes, who served in Molokai, Hawai’i:


7:30: Wake up. If I was smart the day before I’d have fresh kale harvested from one of our school gardens to add to my morning green smoothie (I can thank FoodCorps for this positive influence). I’ll also generally have plenty of bananas picked from my site supervisor’s permaculture farm.

8:30: Report to the office and get settled for the day, print out necessary lesson plans and classroom materials.

9:00: Report to Sustainable Molokai permaculture site. Check on irrigation and water all the plants. Harvest all produce available and hand out any extra produce to middle school teachers/maintenance staff.

10:00: Head to the middle school greenhouse and check in on the plants. Ask any teachers for willing student volunteers to help transplant from greenhouse to garden beds. Plant new seeds in any open trays.

11:00: Teach 8th grade math/garden lesson. Today we’ll chart and graph the growth of our seedlings in the greenhouse.

12:00: Break for lunch.

12:30: Drive up to Maunaloa Elementary school.

1:00: Teach 2nd grade class. We built a tea themed garden and today we plant and learn about lemongrass and mint.

2:00: Head back to Sustainable Molokai office

2:30: Plan for Wednesday’s lesson and send any necessary emails and follow-ups to teachers, volunteers, local farmers, etc.

3:30: Head back down to the permaculture site and help my service site supervisor flip the compost pile

4:00: Head on home, and maybe catch the sun setting over the Pacific.