A Day in the Life…

of the New Brunswick Community Farmers Market FoodCorps Service Member!

7:30: Wake up (no snoozing for me) and warm my body up with some squats and slow jogging in place. If I’m energized, I’ll do a little dance. Fix myself a healthy Skoop smoothie and get going for the day. Practice what you preach!

9:00: Review emails and lesson plans for the day from home. Start driving over to Greater Brunswick Charter School for my middle school All About Food class. I pick up Sweta, the NBCFM Bonner AmeriCorps member, along the way. Reinforcements are great for cooking days.

10:30: Arrange the room and set out materials to be utilized for cooking. We’re making Cuban-style rice and beans, so everyone has a hand in preparation. We will be making enough to share with the rest of the MS students during lunch.

11:30: My middle schoolers have already come into class and have finished cutting and preparing the initial ingredients while I along with a few volunteers are overseeing the pot over the induction cooktop. Hot things are hot!

12:00: Sweta cleans up and then joins me on the lunch line to take pictures of me serving the rice and beans for our middle school cafeteria taste test. Full of tomatoes and bell peppers, the kids love this brown rice spin on a Latino classic.

12:30: Sweta and I head back to Rutgers Cook Campus (R-U RAH, RAH!) where NBCFM’s office is located under Cooperative Extension. She heads to class while I go inside to start my game plan for the coming week. My supervisor, Sarah, is there knocking out some accounting files for the Market’s food assistance totals from last season.

1:30: I take lunch. I bring my own or I venture out for a salad in the Food Science building cafe. If I’m adventurous, I go over to Highland Park and have lunch at A Better World Cafe: tasty, local, seasonal foods made with care by Elijah’s Promise Culinary students. I’m in love with their Love Bars. 🙂

2:30: After sending out my lesson plans for the following week to Carmen at GBCS, I send out information to my preschool and elementary school sites about garden grant funding. Garden education for all New Brunswick students is a goal of our Food Service Director. I’m lucky to have him on board!

4:00: I read a few materials for my Communities in Learning, Inquiry, and Practice (CLIP) group. We are focused on Food & Agricultural Policy and have just wrapped up School Lunch Politics by Susan Levine. I can’t wait to discuss the readings with my CLIP members.

5:00: Wrapping up for the day, I set some things to review the next day. Sarah and I usually are some of the last people to leave the building, but we love what we do and who we serve. Maybe I’ll practice my Spanish at Conversation Cafe or head over to the George Street Co-op to volunteer. Waking up earlier to run tomorrow, so early to bed!