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FoodCorps is dedicated to creating a best-in-class model for what healthy school food environments look like.  In the process, we seek to serve as a resource to researchers across the school food field, and to inspire culture shifts and policy change.

“It takes more than books for children to learn. And FoodCorps teaches kids to love real food so they eat it when I put it on the tray.”
Betti Wiggins, Executive Director of the Office of Food Services at Detroit Public Schools

What We Measure

Changes in AttitudeChanges in attitudes: New in the 2015-2016 school year, we are measuring how participating in food- and garden-based education changes kids’ preferences for and exposure to vegetables. Each of our service members uses a pre/post Vegetable Preference Survey to capture data from students grades two and up around the degree to which they like specific vegetables as well as whether they have tried each item. Changing kids’ attitudes toward healthy foods is an important precursor to adopting lifelong healthy behaviors.

Changes in school food environments: Through the FoodCorps Healthy School Progress Report, we measure changes happening across each of our participating schools that help make them healthier places to learn, work, and play. Since schools are where kids spend the majority of their day, it’s critical that the surrounding environment supports them in making healthy decisions and developing healthy habits. In the last program year, 70% of our schools achieved improvements in creating a healthier environment for their students.

Changes in behavior: How does the school food environment—from garden-based learning to nutrition education in the classroom to what’s promoted in the cafeteria—impact what students eat in the lunchroom? Our latest evaluation project with the Tisch Food Center at Teachers College, Columbia University, will measure what students are eating in the lunchroom and learn what program components contribute the most to those healthy eating behaviors. Check back in early 2017 to hear what we’ve learned!

Partner perspectives: Together with Spark Policy Institute, we did an external evaluation to get to know the perspectives of some of our most important stakeholders: service site staff, school staff and administration, and community members. 98% of respondents say that they highly value the work of FoodCorps in their community.

"The kale chip taste test went amazingly. The elementary school kids and 6th graders loved them so much they wanted seconds and thirds. Because of this great response, our Food Service Director is going to add them to the lunch menu." — service member in Connecticut

The Walmart Foundation supports FoodCorps' implementation of a national measurement tool to assess the impact of its programs in the schools it serves.

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    Impact Story
    I've gotten so much positive feedback about how garden and nutrition education has positively influenced the students not just in the choices they make when choosing food but in learning about food and gardening in general. Teachers are beginning to realize that the school garden can support all sorts of curriculum by garnering interest in a topic that students may not have considered otherwise.”

    — Christina Heimann, FoodCorps New Jersey service member

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    Featured Service Member

    Emilio Botts

    Silver City, New Mexico

    "Part of a person reaching his or her full potential starts with having the food, resources, and health to do so. Serving with FoodCorps allows me to be hands on in helping to make this possible for those in need."

    Meet Emilio →

    Our Service Members

    205 FoodCorps service members and 18 FoodCorps fellows are out making a difference at over 500 schools across 17 states and Washington, D.C.!

    Over 1,000 emerging leaders applied for the positions, demonstrating remarkable skill, passion, and commitment in areas related to improving school food.

    Meet Our Service Members