Native Communities

Native Communities


    From North Carolina out to Arizona, and Oregon down to the Hawai’ian islands, FoodCorps collaborates with local partners to help address the public health needs of Native American and Native Hawai’ian communities. Native American communities experience some of the highest incidence of type 2 diabetes among children and young adults and the lowest access to fresh foods, and FoodCorps is committed to helping to reverse those trends.

    Our service members are providing culturally relevant nutrition and garden lessons, increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables in schools, and supporting efforts to celebrate and expand indigenous food knowledge.

    All of our service sites in Hawai’i serve Native Hawaiian communities.
    For a list of them, please visit our Hawai’i page.

    “My favorite part of being a FoodCorps service member is interacting with my Apache youth—teaching them through food that they have had many connections with life even dating back to their ancestors. I like teaching them that this healthy lifestyle has been provided for them even before their time came.”
    —Gilbert Ivins, FoodCorps alum