Preserving Hopi Traditions in Arizona

The video below shows what Hopi ancestors sacrificed to try and save our tradition and values. Growing up in Arizona, my mother always told us that we wouldn’t need to depend on the government, because as long as we plant we will have everything we need. I remember sitting outside while we were storing our corn and she would say, “Askwali [thank you], I am a rich woman, I don’t need money just as long as I have this corn.” I never fully understood that meaning until I got older. I’ve listened to my elders talk about why we do these ceremonies and the meaning of the songs we sing.

Today we hardly speak our language. Very few know the true meaning of why we do certain things, and only a few still do the farming. We still practice our ceremonies, but now we hardly get any rain for our crops. We are struggling, and life is getting harder for us as we live in this crazy life. I came to FoodCorps hoping I could change the views of the kids today, and show them why we need to go back to living humbly and learn our Hopi values so maybe our crops will flourish like they once used to, but they don’t want to hear it. Sadly we will only have the name Hopi but we will no longer live like one. This is our history.