Associated Press on Cofounder Deb Eschmeyer: FoodCorps “Astonishingly Successful”

By Darlene Superville

In this piece reported by The Associate Press, experts weighed in on our Co-FOunder Debra Eschmeyer’s appointment to The White House.

Marion Nestle, a food expert and New York University nutrition professor, said Eschmeyer’s appointment was “brilliant.” Nestle said FoodCorps, the school-based program Eschmeyer co-founded with financial support from the federal AmeriCorps national service program, has been “astonishingly successful.”

“To create it, she had to have extraordinary social and political skills, all of which will come in handy in the White House,” Nestle said in an email. “She knows what’s important and has a good idea of how to get it, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s utterly charming.

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