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Our 182 FoodCorps service members are at 145 sites and around 500 schools across 16 states and Washington, D.C.

Eimy Acevedo

Norwich, Connecticut

"In ten years, I see myself starting a family and continuing to nurture my love for food and healthy eating."

Lindsey Alade

Tupelo, Mississippi

"In 10 years I see myself sharing my passion for food and nutrition with those around me and enjoying life with my partner in crime, Norman the cat."

Che-Lin Aldridge

Detroit, Michigan

"In ten years, I see myself enjoying the peace that I seek and living a more sustainable life."

Elin Amundson

New Hanover & Brunswick Counties, North Carolina

"In 10 years, I hope to have a small CSA farm, a dog, and an active role in my strong, connected, thriving local community."

Debra Bailey

North Powder, Oregon

"In ten years, I hope to still be living in North Powder in a tiny home on a lot in town with a big garden and chickens. I want to be fully invested as a community member - working, volunteering, connecting with those around me. I will continue my involvement in community food security and social justice."

Clara Baker

Corvallis, Oregon

"In 10 years, I see myself owning land and teaching kids and adults about farming, food justice, cooking, and outdoor living skills. I see myself living on a couple acres, growing and preserving food for my friends, playing music everyday, and thinking about starting a family."

Amy Ballard

New Hanover & Brunswick Counties, North Carolina

"In ten years, I hope to have my completed my masters degree and be working in some way, shape or form, in food policy or education."

Sabina Bastias

Wilson County, North Carolina

"In ten years, I aspire to return back to my roots in Tennessee and help with farm to school program development and coordination, giving back to the community that supported me to go seek out my passions."

Leiloni Begaye

Anthony, New Mexico

"In ten years, I see myself obtaining a Master's degree in agriculture and continuing to work with sustainable agriculture in a way that involves young students."

Andrea Blanton

Atlanta, Georgia

"In ten years, I'll be traveling with my family while providing sustainable community development consultations and trainings."

Lianna Bowman

Traverse City, Michigan

"In ten years, I see myself doing food, nutrition, and environmental education and awareness-building in a way that allows me to use design and illustration in creative ways."

Bernadette Brandt

Windham, Connecticut

"In ten years, I see myself either promoting agriculture policy on the state and national level or knee deep in vegetables on my own small organic farm."

Kelso Brasunas

Little Rock, Arkansas

"In 10 years, I see myself working with nonprofits to track accountability and progress. I see myself living in a city, walking to farmers markets on the weekend and seeking out new places to find and support local food."

Jonathan Bruce

Bozeman, Montana

"In ten years, I would like to wake up around sunrise and bike to an urban farm where I greet this years' interns with a warm smile and a cheesy joke."

Jamie Bruno

Newark, New Jersey

"In ten years, I see myself developing cultural value for city greening, urban farming, local food and circular waste streams both within the sphere of art and outside of it through continued work with non-profits and business."

Amelia Brycelea

Gallup, New Mexico

"In 10 years, I see myself working on farms around the world with the World Wide Organization of Organic Farming."

Israel Buffardi

Falmouth, Maine

"In ten years, I see myself continuing to improve our food systems and collective cultural experience of food. I see myself lovingly cooking and growing nourishing food with respect for the Earth, and working to make it universally accessible. I see myself creating art and beauty, and strengthening happy healthy community."

Xanna Burg

Eugene, Oregon

"In ten years, I see myself working with community nutrition to ensure every child grows up knowing what healthy food is, advocating for a more just food system, and enjoying fresh produce from my garden."

Laurel Caplan

Washington, District of Columbia

"In ten years, I see myself combining my passion for food justice and love of animals, and advocating for healthy food, green space, and vegetarianism and veganism in my community."

Arla Casselman

Lincoln County, Maine

"In ten years, I see myself in the state of Maine somehow working in the world of agriculture."

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    Ahreaf Ware

    Jackson, Mississippi

    "In ten years, I see myself living a fulfilling life being an active member in my community. I grow most of my own food and interact intimately with the environment both privately and professionally. I devote enough time to be successful at my profession while still building relationships with family and friends."

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