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Our 205 FoodCorps service members are helping over 500 schools grow healthier across 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Luisa Accorsi

Thousand Oaks, California

"In ten years, I hope to be cooking some delicious food and enjoying my friends and family."

Alexandra Adler

New Haven, Connecticut

"To serve means I am taking action. That action is what can lead to positive changes in America and the way we look at food."

Elin Amundson

Decorah, Iowa

"I'm motivated by our collective responsibility to care for, nourish, teach, and learn from one another; to foster feelings of community -- throughout a school, a neighborhood, or the entire planet."

Jordyn Appel

Wilmington, North Carolina

"Every single one of us can bring a little something to the table and support one another, creating a community, no matter our culture, technique, or outlook."

Laura Arvidson

Ronan, Montana

"In ten years, I will be in Montana with a big garden, a family, a fun community friends, and a meaningful, challenging, not-quite-full-time job working for a better world."

Fallon Bader

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I am fortunate that I was exposed to and educated about fresh, healthy, and wholesome foods and believe everyone deserves the same knowledge and access. The best way to improve the troubled health of this country is to teach people about healthy food in an interactive, hands-on way."

Daiana Baez

Watsonville, California

"I want to be a positive light in the lives of children who lack hope and trust in the thought of a successful future."

Amina Bahloul

Bronx, New York

“I am truly humbled by the position I find myself in today. I am quite privileged to be able to serve young girls like myself and give back to my community.”

Debra Bailey

North Powder, Oregon

"In ten years, I will be living in my tiny home right here in North Powder, continuing to volunteer in the school, garden, and community. And hopefully have a place to raise a garden and chickens."

Davonte Baker

Shelby, Mississippi

"I have an increasing passion for nutrition and community service. The opportunity to do both is such a blessing for me."

Katherine Barton

Salem, Oregon

"Every child should learn where their food comes from, how to grow it, and that they have the potential to build a healthier community around them from the ground up. Building self-actualization in our youth through experiences with nature is essential for creating the type of world that I envision for the future."

Hayley Baumgartner

Chico, California

"I can think of no better way to contribute to my community than to teach health and gardening skills that make others more self-sufficient and more autonomous over their own health."

Nathan Beserra

Santa Cruz, California

“In ten years, I will have a successful organic farming business that can address and improve key issues in our dysfunctional food system. I would also like to have a formal education, perhaps a bachelor’s of science or a master’s degree pertaining to agriculture.”

Amanda Bialek

Long Beach, New Jersey

"I am excited to be able to spend a year giving back to communities in my home state. I love teaching, gardening, and learning about food, and this position is the best combination."

Olivia Biller

Holyoke, Massachusetts

"I serve with FoodCorps because I have the precious opportunity to mentor youth who are the next generation of food system leaders."

Rachel Black

Los Angeles, California

"I wanted to do something to help fight the global health crisis that we are facing. I think education, especially with young children and their communities, is the best approach."

Anna Blake

Jackson, Mississippi

"I serve to give back to communities in need."

Noa Borkan

Springdale, Arkansas

"I want to help educate kids and send the ripple effect through the community to look at food differently, less about the packaging and the branding and more about the joy of growing and eating healthy, delicious food. There is so much talk about childhood obesity and a broken food system, and I am ready for action!"

Emilio Botts

Silver City, New Mexico

"Part of a person reaching his or her full potential starts with having the food, resources, and health to do so. Serving with FoodCorps allows me to be hands on in helping to make this possible for those in need."

Kelso Brasunas

Little Rock, Arkansas

"In 10 years, I see myself working with nonprofits to track accountability and progress. I see myself living in a city, walking to farmers markets on the weekend and seeking out new places to find and support local food."

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Lucas Hill

Calaveras County, California

"For me, food is the nexus of health, the environment, the economy, and social life. We have the power to influence all by working to shape our food system."

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