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Our 205 FoodCorps service members are helping over 500 schools grow healthier across 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Sarah Katz

Morristown, New Jersey

“Growing up, I learned to cook alongside my mom and savored the moments when I was asked to help chop or mix something for a recipe. When I was ten, I convinced my parents that we should have a small vegetable plot in our backyard.”

Leah Kelley

Atlanta, Georgia

“I hope to work with youth in an urban setting doing food systems education and horticultural therapy, using the farm/garden as a healing tool and for job skills training.”

Mollie Kenerson

Springdale, Arkansas

“In 10 years I see myself finished with/finishing my PhD and conducting research on environmental injustices globally, both as an educator and activist.”

Khadija Khansia

Bronx, New York

“I would not be where I am today had I not been exposed to programs like FoodCorps while I was in elementary school. Knowing this, I want to make sure every child has the opportunity I had.”

Kelsey Kinderknecht

Bronx, New York

“My service is not about me making change in 11 months. It will be about empowering and equipping the community to make their own sustainable change for food justice and healthy living.”

Corrie King

San Diego, California

“I see hope in a new food system in which a generation understands the ties between the earth and the food that nourishes them.”

Hayley Klein

Newark, New Jersey

“If I can inspire one student to start their own garden at home, make better choices when eating, or enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients, I'll feel accomplished.”

Rachel Kraus

Springdale, Arkansas

“My whole life I have been taught that what is highest must be the service of others. To me, service is joy.”

Jennifer Kruzansky

Norwalk, Connecticut

“I saw these students become attached to these plants almost in a comical way. They would tell me the names they had given the different plants and would sing songs to them.”

Lorraine Kunick

Atlantic City, New Jersey

“When I see children get excited about eating healthy and thanking me for it, I feel as if I have done my job.”

Sumer Ladd

Atlanta, Georgia

“In 10 years, I see myself with an awesome career, continuing to do my part in making myself and others healthier and happier, and living on my own farm/homestead with lots of goats.”

Al Na'ir Lara

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“The closer we are to getting [real] food into our communities, the closer we are to focusing on making art, building, and restoration.”

Malielani Larish

Kealakekua, Hawaii

“I am motivated by the idea that when kids and parents prepare, eat, and learn about the food that they helped grow, strong bonds form and kids feel proud and enthusiastic about gardening and healthy eating.”

Kelsie Larson

Butte, Montana

“In my first few weeks of service I had tomatoes sitting on my desk, and a boy asked me what the ‘tiny red footballs’ were. I was able to give him one and then take him to the garden where we picked them earlier that day.”

Ruthie Lazenby

Woodbridge, Connecticut

“I serve to learn how communities can thrive and because service is one of the most direct ways I know to help facilitate change.”

Abbe Lentz

New York, New York

“In 10 years, I see myself spending much of my time on farms and in gardens, actively advocating for community development through the shared experience of sustainable practices.”

Helenka Lepkowski Ostrum

Moore County, North Carolina

“Changing minds and food habits one spinach leaf at a time.”

Rochelle Li

Cambridge, Massachusetts

“In 10 years, I see myself having a family and teaching my kids how to make some of their grandparents' favorite recipes!”

Maria Limon

Goldsboro, North Carolina

“While I was growing up, I wasn't aware of the effects of food that we consume. At the age of 17, I was obese and diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. It was a life-changing moment for me.”

Stephanie Loui

Haleiwa, Hawaii

“With issues like climate change, food insecurity, and corporate control within the food system, future eaters will need to be smarter and more resourceful than ever before.”

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