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Our 182 FoodCorps service members are at 145 sites and around 500 schools across 16 states and Washington, D.C.

Amanda Chin

Cambridge, Massachusetts

"In ten years, I will continue to be involved in the real food movement, working to grow and distribute sustainably produced food to local communities."

Will Conway

Tuba City, Arizona

"In ten years, I will continue to be involved in the real food movement, working to grow and distribute sustainably produced food to local communities."

Roanna Cooper

Santa Cruz, California

"In ten years, I see myself working on community-empowered programs and policies to address the underlying issues of poverty, access, and health equity."

Lacey Cornell

Marshall, Arkansas

"In ten years, I see myself working in local food movements. My education as a master's student in folk studies showed me that all food traditions should be valued and celebrated. I want to help celebrate those traditions by educating people about cooking, gardening, and healthy eating to build stronger and healthier communities."

Casey Coty

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"In ten years I hope to contribute to the ever increasing restoration and reinvigoration of healthy, productive relationships with one another, the lands, watersheds, and surrounding communities."

Bobby Cressman

Lewiston, Maine

"In ten years, I hope to be cooperatively managing an education and research based farm."

Sarah Dasher

Atlanta, Georgia

"In ten years, I see myself in a tiny house on a big piece of land living as self-sustainable of lifestyle as possible."

Karen Davison

Washington, District of Columbia

"In ten years, I hope to be connecting people with their food through personal gardens, education and relationships with local farmers."

Christina Dawson

Ashland, Oregon

In ten years, I see myself with a burgeoning career with a non-profit that focuses on community development. In my time away from home and work, I will continue to go on adventures that allow me to try new things, meet new people, and pursue learning.

Olivia DeJohn

Ronan, Montana

"In ten years, I can almost guarantee that I'll be somewhere in the sun, smiling, with my hands covered in dirt."

Susanna Derby

Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico

"In ten years, I see myself hiking the same trails I hike today, enjoying edible natural landscapes while coming home to an amazing garden. I see myself engaging in my community and supporting systems in place that will guide the future of our earth in a direction of sustainability and grounding."

Noah Donnell-Kilmer

Los Angeles, California

"In ten years, I see myself cooking delicious potluck dinners full of friends and family."

Natalie Donnelly

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"In ten years, I see myself settled down with my family (and future dog, Filbert), exploring the natural world with my elementary school students by day and teaching community cooking classes with local foods by night."

Monica Drazba

Central Sierra, California

"In ten years, I manage a small organic farm while mentoring youth who are interested in agriculture or ecology."

Ashley Dress

Decorah, Iowa

"In ten years, I would like to own an educational farm, where I can help empower youth to be self-sufficient and independent by learning through agriculture."

Allie Dyer

Portland, Oregon

"In ten years, I hope to set up a health and wellness center in an area where there is little awareness or access to natural, preventative medicine. There, I can practice as an integrative medicine physician more willing to write a grocery list than a pill prescription."

Monica Edgerton

Bridgeport, Connecticut

"In 10 years, I see myself having recently completed graduate school and a couple years into my career of working with a non-profit that promotes local, sustainable food and the creation of stronger, more loving communities."

Emily Engel

Holyoke, Massachusetts

"In 10 years, I see myself working with young farmers, assisting them as they seek education, financing, and affordable land."

Michelle Erhard

Standish, Maine

"In ten years, I see myself working alongside other local, healthy food patriots to create sustainable food systems where all families have nutritious meals."

Demetrius Fassas

Butte, Montana

"In ten years, I will marry conservation and agriculture, and teach this practice in parts of the world that have been tempted by the allure of our utmost extractive economies."

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    Ahreaf Ware

    Jackson, Mississippi

    "In ten years, I see myself living a fulfilling life being an active member in my community. I grow most of my own food and interact intimately with the environment both privately and professionally. I devote enough time to be successful at my profession while still building relationships with family and friends."

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