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Our 205 FoodCorps service members are helping over 500 schools grow healthier across 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Erin Brennan

Washington, District of Columbia

"In ten years, I see myself running a non-profit that works with community members in an individualized setting, specifically focusing on food policy. I will market garden, hosts farm dinners, and host camps that empower youth."

Haley Burns

Washington, District of Columbia

"In ten years, if I'm on the right track, I'll have a smile on my face and a sense of purpose in my step."

Susie Burton

Habersham and Rabun Counties, Georgia

"I believe the development and successful support of local food systems presents us with a holistic solution to a variety of social justice, environmental, public health, and rural economic problems. FoodCorps' work is a part of that solution."

Corey Carmichael

Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I want to see our country become healthy again and value the goodness that comes from fresh produce and homemade meals that bring families and cultures together. "

Tara Celentano

Pahoa, Hawaii

"If I can teach the next generation of children to cultivate, cook and appreciate their food, at the end of the day I know I will feel that I have achieved something radical, subversive and meaningful."

Mariah Chadukiewicz

Waterbury, Connecticut

"I want other children to grow up with the same excitement for healthy living, cooking, and eating!"

Lillian Chaleff

Portland, Maine

"I believe connection to our food systems and understanding the natural process is the key to a healthy future."

Shante Chaney

Atlanta, Georgia

"I discovered awhile ago that my purpose was to help; often, I found, in any way possible. When I was enlightened about our current food systems and what goes on, it was like a fire ignited inside me."

Monica Chen

New York, New York

“My experience growing up in a Taiwanese American household where food was closely associated with community-building and engagement motivates me to serve in areas where such intimate interactions with food are hard to come by.”

Megan Connolly

Habersham and Rabun Counties, Georgia

"I believe that FoodCorps offers an opportunity for improving the quality of life for many children by allowing them to explore their own relationship to the earth, the food they eat and the world they live in."

Will Conway

Tuba City, Arizona

"I am continually motivated to fix a failing food system by rebuilding on a local scale, beginning with establishing local farms and educating and inspiring youth by exposing them to the wonder and beauty of growing food."

Lacey Cornell

Davenport, Iowa

"I want to see our country become healthy again and value the goodness that comes from fresh produce and homemade meals that bring families and cultures together. "

Casey Coty

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Most meaningful for me is seeing the exponential reciprocity and love that comes from remembering what it means to be human, within a place-based context that makes sense on community-defined terms and works to right injustices."

Jennifer Coverdale

Lynn, Massachusetts

"Every single child should be able to enjoy natural beauty, get a little bit dirty, and tangibly experience how they are connected to the earth."

Stephanie Cumper

Traverse City, Michigan

"I've learned that certain things contribute to happiness: health of self and loved ones, strong relationships, security, something to be passionate about, and so on. I serve to help people discover their joy."

Jeannette Cushway

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

"I had the opportunity to teach a child what a real carrot looks like, because they believed that carrots came from cans. Seeing the amazement on his face when he tried a fresh carrot for the first time was something I will never forget."

Mari-Claire Dart

Washington, District of Columbia

"Since I was young, I've always enjoyed the sense of community that can be built through service. I believe that this connection of service in the community is so important because it brings the community together and makes it seem so much more close knit."

Stacey Davis

Bridgeport, Connecticut

"I serve with FoodCorps in hopes of being able to break down some of the barriers that various communities have in accessing tasty and feel good food that is fair, humane, ecologically sound, and affordable."

Kendra Dawsey

New Haven, Connecticut

"In ten years, if I'm on the right track, I'll have a smile on my face and a sense of purpose in my step."

Christina Dawson

Ashland, Oregon

"In ten years, I see myself with a burgeoning career with a non-profit that focuses on community development. In my time away from home and work, I will continue to go on adventures that allow me to try new things, meet new people, and pursue learning."

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    Featured Service Member

    Shana Donahue

    Washington, District of Columbia

    "As an African-American coming from a low-income household I have experienced many of the disparities children in that category face. It is very rewarding to me to be able to help a child in a way I wish I was helped when I was growing up."

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