Beef: It’s What’s for Lunch

Typically, for each Harvest of the Month, there’s a  specific class responsible for the taste test, including cooking and serving in the cafeteria. This month, however, I chose to highlight a precooked Montana Beef & Lentil Crumble, and decided to do the whole shebang by myself. Little did I know that the kids LOVE to help serve food. When I got set up in the lunchroom, it wasn’t long before requests from students that wanted to help out started pouring in, and I welcomed the young adventurous eaters with open arms. It’s a great thing to feel at home in a school, and it’s even better when I get to see that the students are at home serving their peers a taste of something new!

Students volunteered to skip recess to serve their peers a taste of Montana beef.


The Montana Beef-Lentil Crumble is a product made by the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center. It was developed specifically for schools as a 50/50 blend of MT beef and MT lentils, thus making a less expensive local protein available year round!

The Montana Beef-Lentil Crumble was a hit, with over 9/10 of kids voting that they “Loved It”