Beets are a little intimidating, but preschoolers at Central found out they aren’t all that scary. Besides, how could one pass up a vegetable SOO beautiful??

The preschoolers tried raw slices of golden, red and chioggia beets. Golden were the unanimous favorite. They are my favorite as well. For those that can’t quite muster enthusiasm for the earthy flavor of the typical red or purple beet, the golden is a much subtler taste.

beet it
Beets can be shredded and added to salads, roasted with potatoes, onions and spices, or the method we used, cut up raw into carrot like sticks. They offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals and help the body naturally detox.
Here are a few photos of Central preschoolers trying the beets.


IMG_0851 (1) IMG_0850 (1)

IMG_0849 (1)

I hope everyone as a wonderful holiday. Make it beet-iful.

What do you call someone who raps about vegetables? A beet boxer.