Call Today to Make a Difference

Dear Friend of FoodCorps,

You may have heard that the White House released a budget that calls for the elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service which includes AmeriCorps, the national service program that fuels FoodCorps’ efforts to connect kids to healthy food in schools across the country.

Join us for a nationwide day of action. Call your representatives today using this easy tool from our friends at Voices for National Service. It takes only two minutes, and it can make a big difference.

The White House budget proposes cutting community service, but it’s Congress that ultimately decides what get funded and what gets cut. Now is the time to speak up about the value of AmeriCorps and tell our Members of Congress that we refuse to allow cuts to this vital program. Our voices matter: Members of Congress track how many calls they’ve received when they make big decisions like this.

Tell Congress that students in FoodCorps schools with more hands-on learning activities are eating triple the amount of fruits and vegetables as students who receive less of that hands-on learning. Or that 75% of schools with FoodCorps AmeriCorps members are measurably healthier by the end of the year. Please share your own stories about FoodCorps AmeriCorps members and the impact they’re having in your community.

Thank you for speaking up,

Cecily Upton
Co-founder and VP of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

P.S. Already too late to get your call in today? It’s also great to call tomorrow to keep the momentum going.