Change the World Through Food

Rosanne grew up in the Bronx. It was there, inspired by one of her teachers, that she fell in love with cooking, and discovered that “the only things in between me and the things that I loved were a recipe and a few simple ingredients.”

It’s in the Bronx that she serves with FoodCorps and strives to give her students similar “a-ha!” moments.

Watch Rosanne’s story about falling in love with food, and discovering that by serving with FoodCorps, she can make a difference for the young people in her community. “Hey,” she realizes, “maybe I can change the world through food.”

Want to be like Roeanne and inspire students in your community to take charge of what they eat and fall in love with food? Apply to be an AmeriCorps service member with FoodCorps before 6 PM PT tomorrow!


Let’s change the world through food together,
The team at FoodCorps

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