Cherokee Elementary Students Enjoy Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program with FoodCorps Members


Alan Smith, a fourth grade student at Cherokee Elementary School, exclaimed, “It’s delicious!” after tasting a piece of cauliflower on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 17.  The vegetable was delivered to his classroom as part of the school’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.


During distribution days, Broda is joined by Katie Rainwater and Allison Villa from Food Corps.  “They get into the classrooms and provide education centered around the snack distributed that day and get the kids excited about eating the produce and that really encourages the participation,” Broda noted.

Rainwater commented, “We’ve had so much support from the teachers.  They actually get really excited when we bring the vegetables, and we’ve had a lot of teachers who are very committed to trying it with their students so they are creating an environment where it is a positive thing to try new things.”

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