Curt Ellis: Our Social Innovation Rockstar

?The soaring rates of childhood obesity — having tripled in the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control — are already creating serious consequences, both for the individuals in terms of higher risk of obesity-related diseases, and for the country as taxpayers shoulder a greater burden of associated medical costs. Curt Ellis, the filmmaker behind King Corn and Truck Farm, believes that a big part of that problem could be the general consensus surrounding food. He says, “We’ve made a lot of assumptions about food in our country: that kids don’t like to eat vegetables; that school food doesn’t need to taste great; that food is fuel, and where it comes from isn’t important.” He feels these ideas are “dead wrong” and play a detrimental role in summoning innovation. “Small preconceptions are a big part of what’s keeping us from having a vibrant, sustainable, healthful national diet,” he says.


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