• Donate by phone

    To charge your donation by phone to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card or to discuss other giving options, please call us Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. If we are not available, we will return your call within one business day. Please call Edgar Carrillo, External Affairs Coordinator, (646) 693-6750, or email at edgar.carrillo@foodcorps.org.

  • Donate by check

    Please make checks payable to FoodCorps. Please send your check along with a letter that includes your name and contact information, so that we can thank you for your support to: FoodCorps, 1140 SE 7th Ave, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97214.

  • Donate with stock

    Gift of stock or other appreciated security are among the most tax advantageous ways to contribute to FoodCorps. The total value of your gift is tax-deductible.  And, provided it has been held for at least one year, there is no obligation to pay capital gains on the appreciated value. The gift is fully deductible of the date it arrives in our account. Following is the information necessary to transfer stock to our account:

    DTC number: 0141
    Reference our account name: FoodCorps Inc
    Account number: 1026-1192
    Firm: First Clearing LLC

  • Donate with wire or electronic transfer

    To give a gift via wiring or electronic transfer, please initiate the transfer with your bank, and send your gift to the following address:

    Umpqua Bank
    One SW Columbia Street, Suite 1400
    Portland OR 97258

    Wire: 4862525799
    Routing Number: (wire) 123205054
    ACH ABA Number: (electronic) 123205054
    Account Number: (depository only) 4862525799

  • Donate through employee matching

    Double your impact and make your gift go further. Thousands of employers match tax-deductible donations made by employees through company’s matching gift programs. Help make schools a healthy place where kids eat, learn and grow, simply obtain a matching gift form from your HR office or matching gift coordinator and send it along with your contribution to:  FoodCorps, 1140 SE 7th Ave, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97214.