Fayetteville’s KNWA TV features FoodCorps, working to sprout healthy kids

by Marissa Stevens

Fayetteville Schools and FoodCorps are working to sprout healthy students, one fruit and vegetable at a time.

“We just finished planting lettuce and carrots and radishes.”

The Fayetteville School District has teamed up with FoodCorps, an organization working to teach kids about what healthy food is, where it comes from, and working to place locally grown products on students’ plates.

“Without the healthy food you know, we’d just be eating stuff covered in like grease and fat and fried foods,” said 6th grader Cora Ferguson.

Sophia Gill works with FoodCorps, and wants fresh food from the Holt Middle School garden to make the short trip to the cafeteria.

To watch the piece, click here.