FoodCorps Fertilizing Georgia Organics’ Farm to School Efforts

by Erin Croom, Farm to School Director, Georgia Organics

One of the most successful tactics to get children to eat more fruits and vegetables is to have them plant, grow, and harvest food in a garden, which is one of the core components of a farm to school program. These programs are also a hands-on way to educate students about careers in farming and the wonders of the soil.

And luckily for our state’s young eaters and future growers, farm to school in Georgia is about to get a big boost.

National service organization FoodCorps, which connects children in underserved communities to real food in order to help them grow up healthy, expands to Georgia this month, where Georgia Organics will partner with them and three service sites across the state: The Captain Planet Foundation in Atlanta, Athens Land Trust, and the Northeast Georgia Farm to School Program (Georgia Organics’ pilot program).

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