Friends Eat: FoodCorps Rebuilds Health Through Youth

I’ve read a couple of things about how to get America’s butt working for a healthier lifestyle, and I happen to read through this new initiative called FoodCorps. The website is fun, creative, and you can really tell what it focuses on as far as advocacy is concerned.

Obesity has been an underlying problem of the world, especially in America where 17% of the “obesity population” are children. It is a  horrible trend that we have been dwelling on throughout the years. The fact that this generation of kids is predicted to have a lower life expectancy than their own parents is more than enough reason to blow our minds and wake us up. After the bad news, comes the good news. Today, majority of this generation are becoming more health conscious and are slowly getting into the healthy comfort zone. It’s time to move forward and actually be healthy, and FoodCorps knows how to help us in the process.

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