From the Carrot Gallery: Harvest of the Month

After a delightful morning preparing carrot juice with the Kindergarteners at Ennis Elementary School, the whole school was offered a taste in the lunchroom.  With pride, kindergarteners offered their creation up for review, getting nearly half of the school (staff & faculty included) to try and vote on their juice. The results are below!

  • Tried It: 4%
  • Liked It: 23%
  • Loved It: 73%


Classroom Carrots
Classroom Carrot Toast

Taste Test Table
Taste Test Table, manned by Kindergarteners


Carrot Juice Hoorah
Jumping for the Joy of Carrot Juice


Kindergarten Cart
Kindergarten Cart: Enjoying their hard work

Carrots were lovingly produced in Amsterdam, MT by Gallatin Grown.