Healthy Foods = Healthy Bodies

Healthy Henry and his Mighty MyPlate are helping me this week teach students about what healthy foods do for our bodies. Each food group does something a little different, that’s why it’s important to choose foods from all 5 food groups every day.

Can you match the body parts below to the function of the five food groups on MyPlate — fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein?

photo 2

Henry is also helping me convince students to try Healthy Hummus. What’s great about this ranch-flavored hummus is it gives kids something to dip veggies in, the ranch flavor is familiar and well liked, AND because it’s made out of chickpeas, this dip fits into the protein group!

photo 1


More good news, the hummus + carrots + whole grain crackers kids are trying is a 3 For Me healthy snack! Snacks that feature three different food groups are a healthy choice because they provide a variety of nutrients for growing bodies.

Healthy Henry wants to know what you’re doing today to keep your body healthy and happy…