How to Get Kids Excited about Worms in 9 Simple Steps

  1. Don’t start the class by saying “Your school has worms!”
  2. Lead with “we have some new classroom pets!” Leave out the quantity of these critters till the end (especially if you’re at 1,000+).
  3. Spit some mad worm knowledge. For example, “worms have no ears, eyes or lungs” or “they have 5 hearts” or “they eat fruits & vegetables just like us,” etc.
  4. Teachers will appreciate that you try to find a substitute word for “poop” when explaining how great worm poop is for your garden. Worm compost, worm tea or black gold seem to work pretty well.
  5. Pass out magnifying boxes with worms inside so students can inspect and clear up all suspicions that this is a blood sucking monster.
  6. A worksheet filled with questions about the worm for the students to answer is a real added bonus.
  7. Encourage students to name and bond with their worms. The first step to building a  friendship is picking a solid worm name like Snowflake or Dave.
  8. Help students prepare their worms home by dipping newspaper into water to lay in the dirt. Hands in the dirt is an added bonus.
  9. When students bring up their worms to add to the compost bucket, perform a farewell ceremony and wave goodbye to Slippery, Sugar or Escobar as they dive into their new, luxurious, dirt home. Where, hopefully, they don’t have a bunch of giants staring at them all day long.