Intern Spotlight: Amy

The lessons I teach with students would not be possible without the help of dedicated and passionate interns who help make these hands-on lessons a success. One intern this fall has been dedicated to helping with my seventh grade class each week for five weeks. I had the chance to catch up with Amy before she ends her internship this semester to hear about her experience this fall.

Amy is a student at the University of Oregon studying Family and Human Services (FHS). The FHS program has an experiential component to the program, allowing students to gain valuable experience working with individuals and families in the community. Amy chose to do her internship this fall with the Farm to School program at the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition.

DSCF6994 (1280x960)
Amy with students at the Youth Farm

 What made you initially interested in the Farm to School program?

“I have a big interest in nutrition and food already and a lot of respect for the farming community. I wanted to do something that combined two things I cared about: kids and food. I wanted to expose kids to things they might not have an opportunity to see.”

 Do you have any memorable moments from your internship?

“On one of the farm field trips, I got to teach a lesson on worms. We took different groups of kids to look in the worm compost bin. It was fun to get the kids to hold the worms and initially they were grossed out by it, but in the end got over that. I liked being able to really interact with the kids!”

 Has your experience with the Farm to School program influenced what you want to pursue in the future?

“Yeah I would say it opened my eyes to the possibility of combining the things I love. I realized I don’t have to work in just human services or just the farm/food industry, I can combine both of them. It has inspired me to look at all the options.”

 Favorite local vegetable?

“I think it would be snap peas. One of my earliest food memories is walking in the garden and eating snap peas off the vine. And I still love them!”

 Any final thoughts as you finish out your internship?

“It’s been a really great experience. It showed me how important all this really is. Like today, those middle school students didn’t know some basic things I assumed everybody knew.”


Thanks Amy for your time spent with the Farm to School program this fall!