Joining the Club

A surefire way for kids to gain gardening and culinary skills while building healthy habits is by participating in clubs. Service members are launching and leading garden and cooking clubs, as well as other inventive groups like Pollination Club, Pizza Scientist Club, and FLIGH (Fabulous, Loving, Intelligent, Gifted, Healthy) Girls Club. And clubs can take on a life of their own once teachers, students, and parents take over leadership! Oregon Service Member Lisa Giamberso will pass the garden club leadership baton to her school’s ESL teacher next year. Joe Wat, in Massachusetts, helped his cooking club become financially sustainable by selling teachers healthy meals with locally sourced ingredients. And in Maine, Jada Wensman says students will carry the torch for her sustainability club—and her service: “The club will meet a few more times this year, then begin in full swing next year as a student-directed group focused on projects like testing new menu items for the cafeteria, running taste tests and cafeteria events, and a new recycling program.”