Kalispell, Montana Food Service Director Says FoodCorps Grows Her Farm to School Impact

By Jenny Montague

As I begin another school year as food service director in Kalispell, Montana, I can’t help but wonder if my enthusiasm, anticipation, and anxiety aren’t exactly the same emotions the students are feeling as they await the return to their classrooms. We all share high hopes of having the best year yet. We are all feeling rested, hopeful, and ready, and the obstacles that seemed impossible last May seem to have been melted by the summer sun.

Late summer is an especially encouraging time for a food service director in a northern climate. The gardens beds are overflowing with summer vegetables and herbs, and the apples and pears are ripening across the valley. If nothing else, the influx of summer squash and students means we need to hit the ground running!

One of the main reasons that I am so optimistic about this school year is that I have complete confidence in my food service team, which includes 48 food service professionals and several key community partnerships. This is not to say that we can’t all make improvements in our skills and abilities, but I have faith in our commitment to our students and our mission to be community-based.

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