KIDTALK: Exquisite Corps

MOENCOPI, ARIZONA – The students at Moencopi Day School have had a banner year in greenhouse class. They’ve planted and harvested lettuce for the school’s first-ever greenhouse to cafeteria event, raised native plant starts that will help the natural landscape of Moencopi fight off invasive species, and whipped up healthy-alternative salad dressings to serve at lunch. But rather than tell you all the good things myself, I figured I’d let the kids take the wheel.

During last week’s greenhouse classes, each group was given the task of writing an exquisite corpse, a type of poem or story that is constructed one line at a time. The twist? Each line is composed by a different author, and each author is only able to see the last line that was written – nothing else! The theme was “reflecting on greenhouse.” The results are wacky and poetic: an overall beautiful representation of the complexity and joy of children’s relationships with food and learning.

The photos below show a selection of the final products. It’s FoodCorps meets exquisite corpse: the exquisite corps.