Let’s Move Blog: Ancient Grains Instruction in Cambridge, MA

By Greg Beach, FoodCorps service member in Cambridge, MA

Picture this. The September sun warms a gathering of students and the ground where they work. The surrounding plot is lush and ripe for harvest. Fists full of soil, the children dig diligently with the hope that their seeds will establish strong roots before the frost seals the soil until spring. With furrowed brows, the students consider the importance of their work: What will we do if this newly seeded crop of winter wheat fails to sprout?

This serene scene of the waning weeks of summer could easily describe young cultivators of the land in ancient Mesopotamia. In fact, it is the work of seventh graders in Cambridge, Massachusetts where I serve as a FoodCorps service member.  FoodCorps is a nationwide team of leaders that connects kids to real food —like heritage wheat— and helps them grow up healthy. FoodCorps aims to bring kids into a conversation around food and where it comes from (including its history and culture), and to engage them in a hands-on way in the process of growing, harvesting, cooking and eating.

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