Los Angeles Member Noah Donnell-Kilmer Reflects on First Year with FoodCorps

By Noah Donnell-Kilmer, returning service member with the Garden School Foundation in Los Angeles, CA

It is a daunting task to sum up a full year of work with FoodCorps, especially a year as rich as the soil I work with.

FoodCorps is a national non-profit where community leaders band together to educate youth in healthy food practices. While this service takes many different forms around the country, mine was as a part of the Garden School Foundation, where I taught within the Pasadena and Los Angeles Unified School Districts.

The Garden School Foundation has developed a comprehensive garden curriculum over the last seven years at our flagship 24th Street Elementary garden site. Our garden curriculum uses the gardens to teach grade appropriate science standards in a hands-on manner. Cooking lessons focus on four themes: eating in season, eating foods that make us grow up not out, eating the rainbow, and turning regular foods into super foods.

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