New Jersey Service Member Lauren Nixon and her students take risks in and out of the kitchen

By: Lauren Nixon, FoodCorps Service Member, Greater New Brunswick Charter School

My middle school students are utterly petrified of answering questions incorrectly. Recently, when playing a trivia game about fruits and vegetables, I held up a photo of Romanesco, hoping that my students would take a stab at uncovering the identity of the bizarre, yet delectable member of the Brassica family. Instead, the photo elicited a deep silence – little eyes darting around the room, whispers ricocheting through the space, feet shuffling under desks. “Pass,” many of them remarked when I asked, once more, for them to take a risk. “Pass,” in middle school lingo, often translates to I’d really prefer not to embarrass myself in front of this entire group of super cool people or I have absolutely no clue, so I’m begging you to call on someone else. When they’re sure of an answer, they’re ever so sure – chests puffed out, eye contact unwavering, voices clear. When they’re unsure, they’re cowering and shrinking in their seats, attempting to make their bodies small, silencing their voices.

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