New Mexico Kids Magazine: Kendal Chavez is connecting kids with real food

by Cristina Olds

When was the last time you watched kids fighting over who gets to eat a stalk of fresh broccoli? Probably never, if you haven’t visited one of the more than 40 school gardens in Albuquerque where that crisp, green vegetable was grown. “First we had to kneel to make sure we don’t put our feet on the beds,” explained Cassidy Helgeson during a recent lunchtime 4th grade Garden Club gathering at Kirtland Elementary School in southeast Albuquerque. “Then we had to dig and after that we had to water them,” she said.

“And then we named them,” piped up Charles Crandall. “This is ‘Lavender One Million,’ and this is ‘Rosy the Rosemary.’ ” The students also planted eggplant, lettuce, purple basil and were putting in squash. The garlic is named “Rally.”

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