Annie’s Blog: North Carolina Fellow Leah Klaproth Sparks Some Enthusiasm

By Leah Klaproth, FoodCorps North Carolina fellow

When I appear in the doorway of the cafeteria, the room starts to buzz. “Is that Ms. Leah?” the students whisper to each other. As I come closer, their excitement mounts, and many can’t contain themselves: “It is her!” they shout as they jump out of their seats and surround me with hugs and high fives. “We’re eating sweet potatoes in our lunch today!” Alex, a 5th grader now taller than I, tells me pointing at the cup of orange deliciousness on the table. “Remember when we grew sweet potatoes with our class? When we got to eat them, they were so good!”

Of course I remember planting the tender sweet potato slips with students, and seeing their awe as the vines quickly overtook all adjacent pathways in the garden. What delights me is that these students remember that scene from two years ago, and quickly make the connection between that orange vegetable on their trays to the experience of planting and growing food out in the garden.

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