Our Application is Open!

“FoodCorps really was my stepping stone into the real food world. I learned truths of our broken food system, and gained networks, tools, and knowledge to put my energy and background towards something meaningful to myself and others.”

Have you been looking for ways to put your energy towards something meaningful? To address your community’s health in concrete ways? To address issues of food justice by getting your hands dirty?

Since September, our current crop of AmeriCorps service members has reached over 100,000 kids in limited resource communities with food and nutrition lessons that give them the information they need to make smart choices; hands-on activities like gardening and cooking that foster their skills and pride around healthy food; and lunch trays filled with nutritious meals from local farms.

At the same time, through their service, our members are learning new skills and paving the way towards their future careers as educators, chefs, community organizers and public health advocates.

The FoodCorps application is now open through March 31st.

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