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What is the program service fee required from the Host Site?
The Host Site (often with the help of its Service Sites) is responsible for contributing or facilitating an annual $5,000 cash match per service member and fellow. If you can offer additional support, let us know.

What kinds of entities are you looking for?
501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, public agencies or institutions of higher education, ideally with a statewide or regional focus, a record of experience with school food and public service, and a network of strong community partners.

How do you feel about partnerships?
Collaboration is encouraged! One organization still has to play the lead role of being the Host Site, however; the other partners should be Service Sites.

Is the service restricted to school food, or can we have service members do something else?
At this point, we are focused on the K-12 public school setting. Service Sites should be prepared to direct service members in 1,700 hours of service teaching kids about food and nutrition, building and tending school gardens, and helping secure more healthy, local food for school cafeterias.

What do you provide in terms of training?
Host Sites participate in an annual  in-person gathering and long-distance trainings. Service members participate in a national Orientation and receive additional training from their Host and Service Sites. Ongoing support is given to service members through FoodCorps’ training and professional development program.

Do you choose our service members for us?
FoodCorps, Host Sites and Service Sites work collaboratively on the recruitment and selection process. We'll make sure you have a crew you're thrilled with.

Would you consider an application from a small organization?
If you are an organization that only works in one community, or if you lack the capacity to manage fewer than five service members and you don't intend to grow, we encourage you to work with a larger group and have that entity apply to be the Host Site while you partner on the application as a Service Site candidate.


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