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Site Eligibility


The Role of Host Sites:

While FoodCorps is national in scope, the day-to-day work of service members is supervised by state-level Host Sites, and their network of community and school partners. Host Sites are high-capacity organizations that are leaders in the fields of food, farming and service in their states.

FoodCorps selects one Host Site per state, and works with that Host Site to develop a network of community-level Service Site partners, where service members are placed to teach kids about food and nutrition, build and tend school gardens, and help source local food for school cafeterias.

FoodCorps currently operates in 15 states, with 5-12 service members placed under the direction of each Host Site and their partners. We anticipate adding no more than three states for 2014-2015.


Successful Host Sites will:

  • Be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, public agency or university with a statewide focus
  • Have experience with youth, farm to school, school gardens, nutrition education, and/or public service
  • Have a reputation for teamwork, a broad set of partners, and a desire to collaborate
  • Have experience managing federal funds and supervising the work of a young team
  • Have partners with shovel-ready projects for FoodCorps service members to accomplish
  • Mentor service members through 1,700 hours of meaningful direct service in high-need communities
  • Follow FoodCorps and AmeriCorps policies and requests
  • Provide a non-federal program service fee of $5,000 per service member (program service fee can be paid by Service Sites)
  • Designate a Site Supervisor from your staff and contribute their services in-kind
  • Oversee the day-to-day work of a FoodCorps fellow
  • Provide or have Service Sites provide office space, equipment, and transportation or reimbursement for transportation necessary for FoodCorps service members
  • Participate in Host Site trainings, events and calls throughout the year
  • Ensure accurate records are kept for FoodCorps service members and report all problems
  • Not use FoodCorps service members to displace current or recent employees or volunteers
  • Not discriminate based on any protected class


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