Our Voices: FoodCorps: A Day in the Life

If you’re looking for the opposite of a 9-5 “office job,” then this is it. I have never felt so committed to a “job,” and in a way, my FoodCorps position is not just a “job” or a “service position.” It’s a way of life and a commitment to improve the future health of our country’s children, our environment, agriculture, education system, and food system. I wear several different hats and pairs of boots most days, and I work with everyone from students, food service staff, and teachers to farmers, Master Gardeners, chefs, non-profit organizations, and local policy makers.

Every single day is different but here’s a snapshot of what I do in a typical day: At 7:30 in the morning I head to one of the two schools I serve in: Suttons Bay High School. When I arrive at the school I stop by the kitchen and say “Good Morning!” to Kirt and Julie, the food service staff, and chat for a little bit before heading down the hallway to meet with the Biology teacher. Kirt and I have been talking about sourcing local vegetables – like carrots, cabbage, and onions — for next month’s lunches. In the Bio classroom, Julie and I review the nutrition lesson from yesterday, and then I set up cooking ingredients and materials for later that afternoon.

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