Planting Seeds for Spring


Yesterday, I did a seed starting activity with one of my brightest classes. I split the class into six groups and assigned a different seed packet to each group. All groups had to create a seed “cheat sheet” by working together. They had to figure out the days to germination, days to maturity or harvest, plant spacing after thinning, and planting depth for each type of seed. Thankfully, everyone cooperated and filled out their sheets correctly. I didn’t have to help them too much because we have explored the ins-and-outs of seed packets since day one!


Once all groups completed their cheat sheets, they got to do the fun part of seed starting: sow their seeds into the soil. I watched as each student focused their attention and quietly dropped a couple of seeds into each hole, their eyes intent on making sure the tiny specks of life made it into their respective dirt nests. “Just two seeds in each, right?” they would nervously reaffirm before letting the seeds fall from their fingertips. It was definitely a heartwarming “I’ve captured their attention” moment. I was pretty proud. I can’t wait to see how my remaining classes do with this activity. Ideally, we would love to harvest the kale, spinach, arugula, collard greens, banana peppers, and cucumbers that this class planted to make a salad at the end of the school year. Hopefully our starts will grow big and tall so we can have a garden feast!