Reenergized and Reconnected: Alumni Reflections on Regional Mid-Year Gatherings

IMG_7021 (1)Why do we invite alumni to Mid-Year Gatherings? ‘Cause you all make us look good. From farmers to food educators to culinary specialists – our alumni who joined us were fantastic role models for current members. We want them to see the power of the community they will continue to be a part of after their service ends. We were lucky to have 34 alumni join us at the Mid-Year Gatherings, and they helped us do just that.

Click on the photos below to read personal reflections on the event from Taylor Hinton (FC MA), Clara Baker (FC OR) and Tiffany Torres (FC CT) who each attended a different regional gathering.

As a result of hearing stories from and meeting with alumni, many service members walked away with less anxiety about what is to come. One member’s major highlight from the whole event was, “seeing and feeling how connected FoodCorps is as a cohort of service members and beyond to alumni, staff, and fellows.” She went on to say,

“It is extremely empowering to think beyond FoodCorps and know that people in the FoodCorps family are going to be the people that are doing this work in the future. Knowing that we have such strong agents for change in the field is exhilarating to me.”