Tasting Comfort


Tasting comfort is a two word term that essentially means, the feeling of satisfaction that one gets from allowing their taste buds to experience something that is good and soothing.  All humans have experienced this where ever it may have been and whenever it may have been.   They have tasted something that triggers a level of comfort and this feeling of comfort is usually rooted in past experiences.  A lot of these experiences are shaped by the knowledge that we have and our 5 senses.  For example there have been many times that I have walked into a coffee shop and just the smell of a freshly baked sweet potato pie reminds me of when I was 12 years old and I sat down in my room watching a movie on a chilly Autumn day as my mother baked a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving . The taste, texture, and smell of foods remind of us all kinds of experiences that we’ve had, the places we have been, and the people that we have enjoyed the food with.

This is what I want to create for my students.  I want to create a tasting comfort in which they have great experiences as they venture out and taste the wonderful foods that the world has to offer.  I hope that the many real foods that we taste together will activate their senses in a such a way that they will be comforted not only by the foods as we eat them in the here and now, but also as they eat these same foods in the future.  I want them to grow up and walk into a restaurant and see a fresh garden salad and remember the crispiness and freshness that they experienced from our tastings.  The start of this was at Bulluck Elementary’s Fall Carnival as I passed out tasting samples of sweet potato and spaghetti squash, and one child said “I love your snack”.  I want this attitude to fall upon the whole school so that as these children grow up, they will not only eat these foods that they have had these wonderful comforting experiences, but they will share them with others.  What better way to continue this theme than by tasting the wonderful crunchy carrot together in this months Carrot taste test!!