Trying New Things

Dear Friend of FoodCorps,

Like many kids his age, Matthew hated vegetables. Over months of hands-on lessons, we tasted a dozen vegetables. I made it my mission to find one he’d like. The whole class joined in, encouraging him to try veggies at lunch. One spring day in the cafeteria, it happened: Matthew tasted a cucumber for the third time and he liked it.

Where Matthew goes to school at Willow Cove Elementary in Pittsburg, CA, 85% of students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. During my service, I learned that parents want their children to eat healthy foods, but many struggle to provide them.

That’s where FoodCorps service members come in. They team up with schools to teach kids to love healthy foods and eat them on a daily basis.

I’m a FoodCorps alum and a monthly donor.
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Kids everywhere deserve the encouragement and support Matthew got to learn how to grow up healthy. That’s why I’m a FoodCorps donor. And I’m giving today because we have an extraordinary opportunity—the first 50 people to become monthly donors will secure an additional $1,000 for FoodCorps! We would love to hear from you about what inspires you to give, and I hope you will join me in becoming a monthly donor.

I am proud of the role that my two FoodCorps years played in the lives of the children and schools that I served. With your help and the energy and commitment of our service members and partners, we are growing a future where all our nation’s children know about healthy food and eat it every day. 


Elizabeth Esparza
FoodCorps Alumna ’17

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