When the students are out…

…the teachers will miss them!

Before finishing out my fall classes, one of my students made this FoodCorps puppet. It’s pretty accurate actually, she put a lot of details into it, including the famous carrot!

photo 1 (1) (1280x1190)

Finding  this puppet reminded me, I love working with students! Not because I end up with puppets. And certainly not because it’s easy, it’s far from that. But because they continually remind me what’s important in life. That it’s not so important what I’m wearing, or what’s on my resume, or how much money I make.

But instead, what’s really important is that when I walk into their classroom, or anywhere for that matter, I do so with a smile. That when I’m interacting with them, I take the time to listen to their stories. And that telling someone you care about and appreciate them should be a daily thing. Seriously, when was the last time you got a hug from an adult just from walking in the room because they were excited to see you?

So while the students are out, without their adorable reminders, I will still try to embody those important things they’ve taught me. Because smiling, listening, and caring can go a long way to make someone’s day, even outside of the classroom.