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The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) works to: ensure consumer protection and food safety; expand markets for agricultural products and processed foods; and to protect Oregon's natural resource base for present and future generations of farmers, ranchers, and commercial fishers.

The FoodCorps Oregon program is housed in ODA’s Market Access and Certification Program as a tool for forwarding the agency’s work supporting local market development; improving Oregonians’ agricultural, food and environmental literacy; strengthening community food security; and encouraging new career entrants into food systems work.

Why Serve in Oregon?

Oregon is a large state with lots of beautiful open spaces and wildlife. Our geography is varied.  We have a long coast, tall peaks, lakes, and the deepest gorge in America (Snake River). You can go from temperate rainforest to high country desert in a day!  Five of our six service sites are located in mild, maritime climates with world class soils enabling folks to grow year round. One of our sites is a high country ranching community with a 90 day growing season. Oregon's farmers, fishers, ranchers and dairymen and women grow over 220 crops. Their high quality products are available at thousands of grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, farmers markets and farm stands around the state.  In Oregon, FoodCorps is hosted by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. As the only state agency Host Site, service members get a unique view into our food system. Oregon is a mature farm to school state with a robust Farm to School and School Garden Network

Oregon was the first state to institutionalize a Farm to School & School Garden Coordinator in both the state agencies of Agriculture and Education. There are nearly 500 school gardens in the state, and extensive statewide efforts supported by over 100 organizations through the Oregon Farm to School & School Garden Network. Why come to Oregon? Besides the lure of the beautiful landscape and the advanced food culture, we need you! Nearly half a million people in Oregon are food insecure. Over 50% of the kids in our whole state are eligible for free and/or reduced priced meals at school.  Serving in Oregon means you’re well supported and part of a close-knit team. Join us!

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