Whole Grains at Barnum School

Last Friday at my service site in Bridgeport, CT  we talked about one of our food groups at Barnum School – Whole Grains! With the assistance by Miss. Jen and Miss. Krizl, (fellow FC service members based out of Norwalk and East Hartford) we learned about what whole grains are, where they come from, and what kinds of  fun whole grain snacks you can make. Miss. J and Miss. K conjured up different flavor popcorns for the classes, and the favorite was the batch drizzled with just a little bit of olive oil, cinnamon powder, and some dried maple syrup powder for a mock kettle corn that is much less sugary!

Jantonio finding the 'baby germ' in his piece of popcorn!
Jantonio finding the ‘baby germ’ in his piece of popcorn

They learned how there are valuable parts of a whole grain that you can’t find in a refined grain through an acting demo, where we played out the different parts of a nutritious whole grain:

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Miss J as the baby germ, Miss Molly as the middle endosperm, and Miss Krizl as the fibrous bran

Here you can see the part where students were able to find out for themselves the difference between whole and refined grains, looking for the brown ‘coat’ on the rice. They also got to inspect some grass seeds, to understand where grains come from.

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Investigating what exactly makes a whole grain

Displaying Sir. Carrot in the air, a great device to get kid’s attention while also maintaining excitement for veggies!

group mgmt

One teacher didn’t even realize that popcorn was a whole grain. A snack high in iron, fiber, Vitamin B and E, it is a great option for an afternoon snack. Top it yourself with herbs, healthy oils, and whatever spices you are in the mood for! It was a learning day for all of us. Eat yo’ whole grains!