Wrapping Up Summer Projects, Rolling out Pie Dough

We asked FoodCorps alumni share some of their summer projects that they’re particularly proud of through photos. Click through the photos to see what they’ve have been up to.


Since we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, it’s time to start dessert menu planning. So we asked alums for their favorite pie recipes. Here’s what they sent our way:

Butternut Squash Pie Submitted by Casey Hancock ’13

“I served in New Hanover & Brunswick counties, North Carolina at Feast Down East 2012-13. I currently live in Dover NH, and work for the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension as Community Development Program Coordinator. I wanted to share a Butternut Squash pie recipe I adapted from Food52.com for a Farmers Market event last Thanksgiving. It was a big hit!”

Tried And True Family Pie Crust Recipe Submitted by Dana Stevens ’12

See photo gallery above for updates from Dana who’s now an MS Candidate in Sustainable Food Systems at Green Mountain College.

Tomato Pie Submitted by Jennifer Sellers ’14

This one looks suspiciously like pizza to me, but Jenn says this is “Something a little different from the common fruit pie. Southern summer treat and super delicious! ”

Tomato and Corn Pie Submitted by Erin Taylor ’12

Erin lovingly compiled all of these photos and stories and is also a stalwart member of our Alumni Council! Her recipe is from Smitten Kitchen. When she’s not collecting submissions from all of you, she’s working for her service site as a Garden Coordinator and Program Associate!

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and recipes!