Cooking Light blog: when service members collaborate, 2 heads are better than 1

by FoodCorps Fellow in Michigan, Robyn Wardell

Would my students get the most out of planting in the garden today or having a cooking class? Should I spend the next few hours trying to contact Ms. King, the food service director, or should I really use this time to turn the compost at Eisenhower Elementary? Last year, as a FoodCorps service member, I wrestled with these questions as I spent my time divided amongst classroom taste tests of fruits and vegetables, school garden education and maintenance, building a relationship with the district food service director, and a handful of other projects. I was the only service member in Flint, Michigan, and I often struggled with how to focus my energies when there were so many ways to engage kids with food.  How could I prioritize giving kids access to healthy food in the cafeteria versus hands-on gardening experiences when both are integral pieces of the puzzle?

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