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About FoodCorps

Who We Are

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    Our 2030 Goal

    By 2030, every child has access to food education and nourishing food in schools.

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    Our Mission

    FoodCorps partners with schools and communities to nourish kids’ health, education, and sense of belonging.

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    Our Vision

    Every child, in every school, experiences the joy and power of food.

Service Members Jamisha Williams (right) and Angela Mills (left) host an apple taste test for students. (Bronx, NY)

Our values


We are responsible for tending to our own humanity

We connect with our history, we own our flaws, we unearth our shame, we evolve our biases, and we deepen our understanding of ourselves.


Communities are woven of intentional relationships

We hold each other accountable with care. We get curious about each other. We celebrate diversity and build belonging. We embrace each others’ complexity.


Leadership and learning are inseparable

We invest in people’s development with love and limits. We seek out opportunities to learn and grow. We see everyone as having agency, responsibility, and opportunity.


We reimagine systems of power

We shift power, access, and resources to those most impacted by systemic oppression. We dare to dream of a fundamentally different future.

Our Work

What We Do

Through hands-on food education, nourishing school meals, and advancing equity through food, FoodCorps shows up where kids and food meet.

Where We Work

FoodCorps works with over 230 schools nationwide, from Maine to California and in tribal nations across the United States.

Our Impact

FoodCorps makes a measurable difference for students and schools. Students eat more fruits and veggies, learn to love food, and celebrate nourishing food at school.

Policy & Advocacy

By advocating for policies at the local, state, and federal levels, FoodCorps works to usher in a more just school food system for all our nation’s kids.

We’re not here to “fix” communities. They have the people, resources, and assets to succeed. We just help lift what’s already there.

—Kenya Collins, Former FoodCorps Vice President of Equity

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A student holds freshly picked peppers at Carolyn Lewis Elementary. (Conway, AR)

Take Action For Justice

Students show off their muscles. (Aberdeen, NC)