FoodCorps and sweetgreen Help Future Generations Make Better Food Choices

Lana Bandoim, Forbes

sweetgreen salad
Photo by Dixie D. Vereen for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Educating future generations about making better food choices has become an important focus. Sweetgreen, a fast casual restaurant chain, recently partnered with FoodCorps to educate students about nutrition and to give them opportunities to try out new and healthy flavors in their schools’ cafeterias. Nate Ru, co-founder and chief brand officer at sweetgreen, shared more in an interview.

“Our mission at sweetgreen is to connect more people to real food by serving sustainable and healthy food at scale. Every day, across our 94 restaurants, over 4,000 team members make food from scratch, using fresh ingredients and produce delivered that morning,” Ru says.

Sweetgreen uses a digital-first approach to improve the ease of ordering, pick-up, delivery and payment for their customers. They can order food at the restaurants, order online through the app or have their food delivered for free to sweetgreen outposts, which is the company’s pick-up kiosks.

“We partnered with FoodCorps to help guide future generations to make healthier choices as part of their re-imagining school cafeterias program. We were drawn to working with them because of their dedication and expertise in connecting students to real food at scale. We will be investing in FoodCorps’ vision to use a human-centered approach to develop scalable, school cafeteria programming. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and joyful cafeteria experience as a step forward influencing the health of our nation’s 30 million kids eating lunch every day,” Ru shares.