FoodCorps Applauds USDA for Sending Schools an Additional $750 Million for School Meals

FoodCorps Applauds USDA for Sending Schools an Additional $750 Million for School Meals

USDA will give schools 25 cents more per every school lunch served this year, which will provide an additional relief for schools that continue to face increased costs of food.

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January 11, 2022—Last week, USDA announced an additional $750 million in investments to school meal programs this year. This money will go directly toward schools that have been struggling with tight budgets, rising pandemic-related costs, and supply chain challenges. 

FoodCorps applauds USDA’s continued efforts to address the unprecedented challenges schools and school nutrition professionals continue to face amid the pandemic. While it will not solve all issues facing school nutrition departments right now, the additional 25 cents will provide more of the flexibility schools need to ensure they can source high-quality produce and ingredients for every student. 

As our nation’s children continue to be impacted by the ongoing pandemic, FoodCorps believes that this move by the USDA is a helpful step to prioritize child health and well-being as part of our recovery. 

With Congress delaying the passage of the Build Back Better Act, FoodCorps will continue to advocate and work with key stakeholders to prioritize child nutrition policies, whether through Build Back Better or Child Nutrition Reauthorization, which was last updated 10 years ago. 

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