FoodCorps Partners with Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street to Provide Training for Service Members

FoodCorps Partners with Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street to Provide Training for Service Members

Partnership will support post-service career development for FoodCorps service alumni

New York City, NY, October 4, 2021 – Today FoodCorps announced the launch of a new partnership with Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. In its first year, the partnership will directly support culinary training offered to FoodCorps’ 200 service members, launch an internship program for FoodCorps’ alumni of color and provide media training for FoodCorps alumni working as farmers.

“We are pleased to be working in partnership with Milk Street on this important initiative,” said Curt Ellis, co-founder and CEO at FoodCorps. “This internship program is a natural extension of FoodCorps’ ongoing efforts to develop and nurture the next generation of food educators. It will also undoubtedly create avenues for our service members and alumni, who have kindly dedicated their time educating kids on healthy food, to fulfill their own career aspirations in tangible, meaningful ways.”

FoodCorps is a national nonprofit and is part of the AmeriCorps service program network.  FoodCorps AmeriCorps service members connect kids to healthy food in school by leading hands-on lessons in growing, cooking and tasting healthy food. Through this new partnership, Milk Street will help the program succeed by offering year-round culinary teacher training classes to current service members. Service members will learn cooking fundamentals and strategies for teaching in an engaging and student-focused manner.

After serving with FoodCorps, many service members want to pursue careers working in the food industry. By completing 12-week internships at Milk Street in recipe development, food photography, video and radio production, culinary education, or store sales, they will gain valuable hands-on experience and access to professional networks necessary for career advancement.

A multimedia food brand dedicated to global home cooking and food education, Milk Street’s work has included an educational department and nonprofit partnerships since its founding in 2015. Milk Street dedicates a portion of proceeds from its online store to support these classes, workshops and trainings. Now, through this new partnership with FoodCorps, every purchase will also support career growth opportunities for FoodCorp’s 1,000+ alumni service members.

“FoodCorps exemplifies thoughtful, community-based programming and action toward change in school food culture and we’re delighted to partner with them,” said Rosemary Gill, the director of education at Milk Street. “We’re excited to help current service members thrive in their work in school communities and alumni to build skills for successful careers after their time at FoodCorps.”

Service member culinary education training starts this fall and internships at Milk Street begin in 2022.

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