FoodCorps Statement on Appointment of Dr. Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education

This week, President-elect Joe Biden announced Dr. Miguel Cardona as the pick for Secretary of Education. FoodCorps congratulates Dr. Cardona on his nomination as Secretary of Education, and we look forward to working with him on deepening the connection between school food and education.

As Connecticut’s education commissioner, Dr. Cardona prioritized issues of equity and diversity across all schools in the state—several of which FoodCorps operates in. We hope there is a continued focus on these important issues through his tenure as Secretary of Education.

As schools closed and child hunger increased during the pandemic, the role of schools in nourishing children’s bodies and minds has been made vividly clear. Schools feed kids year-round, and food education lays the groundwork for long-term child health and educational outcomes. Learning in gardens and cafeterias helps kids grow their physical, emotional, and social skills, in addition to meeting nutritional needs. FoodCorps’ ten years of partnership with schools has shown us the powerful change that dedicated food educators can play in students’ lives—supporting them not just in healthy eating, but also in creating positive environments for them to learn and grow. 

We look forward to working with Dr. Cardona to continue integrating the fields of school nutrition and traditional academics. Together, we can provide comprehensive support for the needs of all children—not just educational, but also nutritional, physical, emotional, and social. 

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